IN2IT Assets

International Capability Maturity Framework

International Teams

WP2-WS1, Tel-Hai College

Knowledge Cafe summary WP2-WS1-Programme
International Team Building – Team Diversity WP2 – WS1 Opening session
International Team Building – Team Global Enterpreneurship WP2 – WS1 Process & Deliverables
International Team Building – Team Soft Skills WP2 – WS1 – WP6_Sapir College Introduction
International Team Building – Team English for Intl. Overview_P12_PHL_IN2IT
WP2 – WS1 – Introduction to WP4 CoP

International Virtual Curriculum

WP3-WS2 Milan WP3-WS3 Warsaw

WP3-WS1 Opening presentation

WP3-WS1 Agenda Final

WP3-Course Development Framework – Brunel

WP3-WS1 – Insights of an ICT Coordinator

WP3-WS1 Active Learning in F2F and in Distance

WP3-WS1 – MOOCS to bridge the gaps

How Moocs can help us in reading the future of HE


WP3-WS2 & WP4-WS1 Summary

WP3-WS2 & WP4-WS1 Opening presentation


WP3-WS2-WP6 Progress and Launch

WP3-WS3 Opening Presentation

IN2IT – Embracing Diversity Course Outline

IN2IT – Essential Skills Course Storyboard

WP3-WS3 IN2IT Tech Platform

WP3 Pilot Summary Report

Communities of Practice for knowledge-sharing

Academy-industry/community cooperation

Innovative technological platform

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