Dr. Nissan Levtov

Dr. Nissan Levtov

Dr. Nissan Levtov

Department: Software Engineering
Current Position: Senior Lecturer

Education :

Ph.D. Weizmann Institute of science, Computer Science, 2005.Title of thesis: Algorithms for Geometric Optimization Problems in Wireless Networks Advisor: Prof. David Peleg

M.Sc.The Israel Institute of Technology, (Technion), Mathematics, 1996. Title of thesis: Strong Equilibrium in Congestion Games Advisor: Prof. Ron Holzman Thesis Grade: 96

B.Sc.The Israel Institute of Technology, (Technion), (Cum Laude), Mathematics, 1993.

Research Interests
  • 1. Optimization Algorithms
  • 2. Computational Geometry
  • 3. Graph and Data Mining
  • 1.  Introduction to Optimization
  • 2. Optimization Lab
  • 3. Automata and Formal Languages
  • 4.  Digital Systems
  • 5. Approximation Algorithms



Refereed Papers

Refereed papers in scientific journals
  1. M. J. Katz, N. Lev-Tov and G. Morgenstern, Conflict-Free Coloring of points on a line with respect to a set of intervals. Comput. Geom. 45(9): 508-514 (2012)
  2. N. Lev-Tov and D. Peleg, Conict free coloring of unit disks, Discrete Applied Mathematics 157(7) (2009), 1521-1532.
  3. P. Carmi, M.J. Katz and N. Lev-Tov, Polynomial-time approximation schemes for piercing and covering with applications in wireless networks, Comp. Geom. Theory and Appls 39 (2008), 209-218.
  4. N. Lev-Tov and D. Peleg, Polynomial time approximation schemes for base station coverage with minimum total radii, Computer Networks 47 (2005), 489-501.
  5. R. Holzman and N. Law-Yone (Lev-Tov), Network structure and strong equilibrium in route selection games, Mathematical Social Sciences 46 (2003), 193-205.
  6. S. Aviran, N. Lev-Tov, S. Onn and U. Rothblum, Vertex characterization of partition polytopes of bipatition and of planar point sets, Discrete Applied Mathematics 124 (2002), 1-15.
  7. R. Holzman and N. Law-Yone, Strong equilibrium in congestion games, Games and Economic Behavior 21 (1997), 85-101.

Papers submitted

  1. V. Kirzhner, N. Levtov and Z. Volkovich, An Estimate of the Target Function Optimum for the Network Steiner Problem, submitted to The Journal of Combinatorial Algorithms, Informatics and Computational Sciences.

Papers in refereed conference proceedings

  1. N. Lev-Tov, N. Carlsson, Z. Lee, C. Williamson and S. Zhang, Dynamic File Selection Policies for Bundling in BitTorrent-like Systems, IEEE International Workshop of Quality of Service, IWQOS 2010.
  2. C. Avin, R. Giladi, N. Lev-Tov and Z. Lotker, From Trees to DAGs: Improving the Performance of Bridged Ethernet Networks, IEEE Global Communications Conference, Hawaii, USA IEEE Globecom 2009.
  3. P. Carmi, M. J. Katz and N. Lev-tov, Covering points by unit disks of fixed location, The 18th International Symposium on Algorithms and Computation (ISAAC 2007).
  4. M. J. Katz, N. Lev-Tov and G. Morgenstern, Conflict-free coloring of points on a line with respect to a set of intervals, Proc. 19th Canadian Conf. on Computational Geometry, 2007, 93-96
  5. C. Ambuhl, A. Clementi, M. Di Ianni, N. Lev-Tov, A. Monti, D. Peleg, G. Rossi and R. Silvestri, Efficient algorithms for low-energy bounded-hop broadcast in ad-hoc wireless networks, Proc. 21th Symp. on Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science, 2004, 418-427.
  6. N. Lev-Tov and D. Peleg, Exact algorithms and approximation schemes for base station placement problems, 8th Scandinavian Workshop on Algorithm Theory (SWAT), Turku, Finland, 2002, 90-99.

Academic Appointments

2010-Present Faculty member, Department of Software Engineering, Ort Braude College, Karmiel,  Istrael (Lecturer and researcher).

2010 Post- doctoral fellow, Department of Computer Science, Haifa University, Israel (host: Prof Martin Golumbic). Subject of Research: Security issues in Peer to peer systems.

2009 Post-doctoral fellow, Department of Computer Science, University of Calgary (host:  Prof. Zongpeng Li). Subject of research: Peer to peer _le sharing systems; Bundling in  Bittorent-like systems. Performance analysis,simulations, algorithmic and game theore

2008 Researcher in the ETNA (Ethernet Transport Networks, Architectures of  Networking) consortium, Communications Systems Engineering Department, Ben- Gurion University. Subjects of research: Architectures and protocols for large scale  Ethernet networks.

2006-2007 Post-doctoral fellow, Department of Computer Science, Ben-Gurion University of  the Negev (host: Prof. Matthew J. Katz). Subject of research: geometric  optimization algorithms with applications in wireless networks.

2007-2009 Adjunct lecturer: Ben-Gurion University (Israely Air Force), Sapir College, Shamoon  College of Engineering (SCE), Ashkelon Academic College.

1992-1997 Teaching assistant, Department of Mathematics, Technion.

Teaching Experience

• Linear Optimization• Optimization Lab• Automata, Formal Languages and Computability• Digital Systems• Numerical Analysis• Data Bases• Distributed Object Programming• Discrete Mathematics• Complex Analysis• Approximation Algorithms (seminar)• Approximation LagorithmsMaterialsStrength of Materials

Academic and Professional Awards and Grants

Post doctoral fellowship partly funded through the VATAT grant
Ph.D studies partly funded by the MAGNET program of the Israel Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Professional Activities

2008: Ben-Gurion University. Responsible for the deliverable documentation of the network node prototype and network simulation teams in ETNA FP-7 Consortium.1997-2000: Research and development department, ECI Telecom. Member of a research team developing ATM network devices. Performance analyst and simulation modeler of telecommunication network nodes.1991-1992: Center of student promotion, Technion. Instructor.
ORT Braude College:
2010 – present Member in the data-mining research group, Department of Software Engineering, Ort Braude College, Karmiel2010 – present Advisor in Final Project, Department of Software Engineering, Ort Braude College, Karmiel.
• PODC/SPAA 2009 (organizing committee volunteer)• The 10th Haifa Workshop on Interdisciplinary Applications of Graphs, Combinatorics and Algorithms (committee member)
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