Braude Takes 1st Place in Online Exams Challenge

Congratulations go out to ORT Braude’s BBB Team, who scored straight As when they represented the college in the recent “Online Essay Exam Challenge” hackathon, winning an incredible first place!

The ORT Braude team included:
Prof. Aviv Gibali, Mathematics Dept.
Dr. Marcela Viviana Karpuj, Biotechnology Engineering Dept.
Alexander Zelinsky, 1st Year Biotechnology Engineering Student
Eshchar Zuntz, 1st Year Mechanical Engineering Student
Shoham Shamir, 2nd Year Applied Mathematics Student
Nora Akasha, 2nd Year Biotechnology Engineering Student
Maor Kushnir, 2nd Year Biotechnology Engineering Student

The two-and-a-half-day challenge (May 3-5, 2020) tasked the teams with developing practical solutions for ensuring academic integrity when remotely taking online exams in subjects that involve essay questions (engineering and the exact sciences). This is an issue that affects thousands of exams every year. Of the 67 teams who participated, 40 submitted their solutions to the judges, and – as mentioned above – ORT Braude’s team was victorious!

This unique challenge was launched by the Tel Aviv University & Shenkar Entrepreneurship Center, with the participation of Israel’s leading academic institutions, including ORT Braude. For more details about the hackathon, click here (Hebrew site).

The BBB Team’s winning solution was a simple app called “Anansee,” which ORT Braude students will continue to develop during their college internship period.