We’re One Step Closer to Establishing Our Advanced Manufacturing Institute

(right to left) : Boaz Danilov and Michael Szczupak, representatives of the Israel Ministry of Economy & Industry; Eran Yanko, CEO ESI; Benny Amoyal, Advanced Manufacturing Institute CEO; Achiav Golan, ORT Braude General Manager; Ronit Eshel, Business Strategy Director, Advanced Manufacturing at Israel Innovation Authority

Representatives of Israel’s Ministry of Economy visited ORT Braude during the week of November 6, 2019, to discuss early steps to realizing the much anticipated Advanced Manufacturing Institute and launching it within the next few months. This meeting followed the college recently being granted a tender for the creation of the institute, in collaboration with Tefen Israel and ESI (Expert Systems Industries). The institute’s goal is to integrate advanced technologies in traditional industrial plants, and to provide them with professional support and assistance, thereby improving productivity and enabling them to succeed in the competitive modern era.

Achiav Golan, ORT Braude’s General Manager, opened the meeting by presenting the college’s vision and its policy on training high-quality engineers with first-hand industry knowledge. As well, he expanded on how the institute will work alongside the college’s ongoing activities. Benny Amoyal, the institute’s newly-appointed CEO, said that the development team is currently exploring the possibility that the institute will be initially located in the Tefen industrial area just outside Karmiel. Within two years, it is anticipated that the institute will be transferred to Karmiel’s industrial area, taking up residence in a new dedicated structure.                                                                  

In the future, the institute will include approximately 100 sqm of office space and research and development laboratories of approximately 400 sqm all outfitted with advanced technology and state-of-the-art equipment.

During the discussion, the green light was given to establish a marketing package for the new institute, which will include a website with an interactive platform which will enable effective communication between the factories and the institute’s professionals. According to the plan laid out for the institute, ORT Braude’s academic staff will be involved in the institute’s activities and will contribute their knowledge to upgrading the production and operations of the factories in the Galilee as well as all over Israel.

By the meeting’s conclusion, a summary of each party’s role in establishing the institute was outlined, and managers were hired. Representatives of the Ministry of Economy, who have been entrusted by the State to establish this institute and are responsible for financing its activities, expressed full confidence in the plan, and wished everyone involved the best of luck.