Outstanding ORT Braude Graduate Wins Prestigious 2021 Hammer Scholarship

תמונה של ניצן שטרית

The Council for Higher Education in Israel has selected ORT Braude graduate Nitzan Shitrit as the 2020-2021 recipient of its prestigious Hammer Scholarship. Nitzan recently graduated from the Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering and was also recognized on the elite President’s List.

Hammer Scholarships are awarded to honor the memory of the late Zevulun Hammer, who served as Minister of Education until his untimely death in 1998. They are one-year scholarships intended to support students who have completed their undergraduate studies at a non-university institution (recognized by the Council for Higher Education) and are going on to pursue master’s degree studies at an Israeli university.

Nitzan was overjoyed by the news. “I was delighted and very proud to be chosen,” she said. “I’ve already been accepted to study for my master’s degree on the thesis track at the Technion’s Department of Electrical Engineering, where my goal is to specialize in computer vision and signal processing. Studying at ORT Braude was a wonderful experience for me, thanks to the supportive personal environment that was created by the faculty and students. I also received professional tools that have prepared me for my future career, and I’m very thankful to the college for that.”

It should be noted that Nitzan is the second ORT Braude graduate to win this major national scholarship. It was previously awarded to Neta Haberman, a graduate of the Industrial Engineering & Management program, for the 2003-2004 academic year. The college has also submitted 11 other outstanding nominees for consideration, from various study programs.

Congratulations to Nitzan Shitrit – we wish her well in all her future endeavors.