Research Authority

Research Authority

The Research Authority was established in 2010 to encourage, support, promote and monitor the research activities of the academic staff at OBC as well as to serve as a scientific, administrative and management framework for research activities at the college.

The activities of the Research Authority include:

  • Location, collection, accumulation and dissemination of information about external sources of funding, including government ministries, the Israel Science Foundation (ISF), European programs (FP7), bilateral programs (GIF, BSF) and other funding agencies.
  • Guidance and administrative services in submitting research proposals to funding agencies, including advice and support in preparation of budgets for research proposals.
  • Provision of financial support for editing grant proposals.
  • Assistance in matching OBC researchers with funding sources.
  • Assistance in finding research partners and creating consortium or partnership agreements.
  • Negotiation with agencies that fund the grant and sign the contracts.
  • Financial and administrative management of grants and contracts of funded projects.
  • Initiation of research contracts between OBC scientists and researchers at other universities, both in Israel and abroad.
  • Initiation and organization of workshops concerning external funding for information transfer and improving researchers’ ability to write competitive grants.

2017 Grants & Prizes

Dr. Sivan Klas (Biotechnology Engineering) Fish Breeders Association in Israel
Development of an innovative process for raising fish and quality algae at a brackish water desalination center
Assoc. Prof. Haggai Katriel (Mathematics) COST
CA16227 – Investigation and Mathematical Analysis of Avant-garde Disease Control via Mosquito Nano-Tech-Repellents
Dr. Shimshon Kallush (Physics) ISF
Simulating and controlling extremely large quantum systems
Assoc. Prof. Sarit Sivan, Dr. Michal Amit (Biotechnology Engineering) ISF
Novel injectable biomimetic glycosaminoglycan analogues for intervertebral disc regeneration
Assoc. Prof. Isam Sabbah (Biotechnology Engineering) HORIZON 2020
GoJelly – A gelatinous solution to plastic pollution
Dr. Eran Bosis (Biotechnology Engineering) COST
CA16107  – EuroXanth: Integrating science on Xanthomonadaceae for integrated plant disease management in Europe
Assoc. Prof. Isam Sabbah (Biotechnology Engineering) BARD
Exposure risks of pathogens and disinfection byproducts from on-site treated rainwater and drainage water for irrigation
Dr. Lilach Iasur Kruch (Biotechnology Engineering) Ministry of Agriculture
Endophytes, originating from chickpea seeds, as a solution against diseases caused by phytopathogenic fung

אנדופיטים בזרעי חמצה כפתרון נגד מחלות הנגרמות מפטריות פיטופתוגניות

Dr. Lilach Yasur Kruch (Biotechnology Engineering) Ministry of Agriculture
Development of an innovative technology in order to produce “SUPER LEAVES” : Leaf vegetable enriched with probiotic bacteria

פיתוח חדשני של עלים למאכל מועשרים באנדופיטים פרוביוטיים

Assoc. Prof. Dafne Guetta (Physics) COST
CA16214 – The multi-messenger physics and astrophysics of neutron stars
Dr. Aviv Gibali (Mathematics) COST
Mathematical modeling training weekDr. Idit Golani (Biotechnology Engineering) NIPI
Enhancement of neuroleptic drugs’ delivery across the Blood Brain Barrier using Trojan Horse nanoparticles

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