The Decan

Dear students,

 The College attaches great importance to the existence of a supportive framework for students on campus, and this is in close contact with
Academic departments and units responsible for academic excellence and professionalism. The aid envelope
And the support is the task of the Dean of Students, me as the dean she heads and the staff at my side.

 The Dean of Students is the central authority in the College that works for the welfare of the students, accompanies the students
On campus, their entry into studies and their integration into the higher education system, throughout the years of study and in general
This is in guidance and counseling for career development and integration into the work force.

 We are interested in enabling you to study, to enjoy the student’s life span and to have a positive learning experience. To do this,
We will support and assist as much as possible if there are difficulties, dilemmas or dilemmas in the personal,
Socio-cultural and economic implications for learning.

 Higher education is a direct continuation of your life cycle as you grow up. Each and every one of you,
Comes with a set of individual expectations about your chosen professional career, with personal abilities that include

 Education, social skills, and a personal and family background. All this and more, has a direct impact on your functioning
As students and taking responsibility for learning. The period of adaptation to academic learning varies between one
And sometimes difficulties arise. Here in Decent, the supportive atmosphere, the dedicated, skilled and professional staff can help, support and help realize your personal potential. Asking for help, advice or guidance is no shame.
The problem you are experiencing is probably not unique. Assistance can guide you further.

In my name and in the name of the entire Decent team, we wish you the students, fruitful years of study, pleasure throughout
The period of studies from the beginning until the diploma and the great success in your assignments.

Your success is our goal!
Remember, my door is always open to you

Best regards,

Dr. Tamar Gadrich
The Dean of Students

Student Association

The Students’ Unit works for the benefit of the students in the academic, social and cultural fields, and represents them to the college
institutions and other bodiesMembership in the association is an optional one

  • Providing disciplinary guidance and representation in disciplinary committees
  • Protection and supervision of the student's academic rights while providing ongoing counseling and accompaniment
  • The student cards are issued to enable students to pass through college gates, photocopy machines and benefits in various businesses
  • Distribution of gifts at the opening of the academic year
  • Preservation and improvement of the student's welfare on the campus: welfare corners, microwaves, coffee stands, refrigerators and more
  • Supervision of vending machines, snack machines and photocopiers and food service providers on campus
  • Advertising in the college's boards: apartments for rent, classified ads and more
  • Advertising in the college's boards: apartments for rent, classified ads and more
  • High-quality cultural parties and events at a discount or for free for members of the association

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