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25/06/18 -

Efforts by many people in the country are tirelessly aimed at ensuring quality and improvement, but quality is not always achieved. In various places, quality personnel encounter various problems,
Such as misjudgment, difficulty in introducing innovations, inaccuracy in risk forecasting, local interests, lack of flexibility, disregard of instructions and procedures, or inefficient management of resources –
All these and others still exist in our provinces at different levels.

Quality Conference in the Galilee “Quality – Halacha V’Ma’ascha” is an enrichment meeting that combines imparting knowledge
His profession is the exchange of opinions among colleagues, especially on issues that characterize development, production and service organizations in the remote regions of the country. The conference will be a platform for the exchange of new ideas between quality practitioners – researchers, consultants, visitors, quality managers and quality engineers, managers of organizations and companies, operations managers, lecturers and students at colleges and universities.

Following the tradition, the Ort Braude College of Engineering, in cooperation with the Manufacturers Association of Israel – Northern Region, and public and professional organizations and organizations in the Galilee and academia will organize the 9th Quality Conference in the Galilee, on the date of 2.06.2016 (Thursday) The Israel Association of Statistics, the Israeli Group for dApplied Statistics in Industry and Business – isENBIS, universities in Israel and abroad, and other organizations.

The conference was invited by an honorary lecturer who will give a lecture and deliver a workshop on quality engineering –
Professor Jeroen de Mast (University of Amsterdam, Faculty of Economics and Business, Institute for Business and Industrial Statistics)

The conference is part of the National Quality Week 2011. As part of the conference, the “Quality Stars” awards and the fellowships of the excellence program in industry in the north will be held for 2015-2016.
I would be happy to host you at ORT Braude College, Carmiel!

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