You are invited to apply for an internship position in one of Braude’s engineering departments. Projects can be practical or more research-based, but all will encompass real-world engineering challenges, enabling you to gain valuable experience and develop professional connections in the field. You can check out our faculty’s research interests here.

As a Braude intern, you will benefit from an expert and caring faculty, with a strong support network. As a participant in the internship program, you will complete a project related to leading Israeli companies and gain exposure to real-world engineering challenges. At the same time, you will develop valuable professional contacts. Some projects are more research-oriented and others are more practical in nature.

As a participant in the program, you will enjoy a series of stimulating academic field trips and extra-curricular activities, designed to enable you to experience Israeli society and culture first-hand. The option of an adoptive family in Karmiel will help you to feel right at home while helping you become familiar with Israeli culture and society close-up.


Regular Internships

You are invited to participate in the regular internship program, which occurs during the normal academic semester. The program varies in length according ; students work in labs under a supervisor for a period of time set by their own institution. This internships is arranged by the student approaching the head of the IRO, who will put the student in touch with potential supervisors/researchers here at Braude College.

For potential opportunities, consult THIS LIST.

Summer Internships

The summer semester comprises 10-12 weeks, running from May to September.

Credit for internships is based on the final length and amount of lab hours accumulated.