• Applied Mathematics

    Applied Mathematics is an important branch in the reciprocal relationship of engineering and theory and supplies the infrastructure for planning engineering projects. Applied mathematics is a required field in almost any field which involves science and technology. Applied mathematicians cooperate with experts in various fields as they contribute their knowledge in the fields of optimization and bioinformatics, data science, cybersecurity, cryptography, and more.
    Students can choose to focus on the following tracks:

    • Computer science and algorithms
    • Computer vision and image processing
    • Data science and machine learning
    • Teaching and education
  • Biotechnology Engineering

    Biotechnology engineering contributes to the quality of human life through the development of products and solutions in various fields such as medicine, food, agriculture, and more. Braude’s bioengineering program is focused on advanced industrial needs and provides wide knowledge in science and engineering, lab experience, and the tools necessary for assimilation into the dynamic biotech industry. The program includes a seven-month traineeship program in which students experience planning and development in either industry or in research facilities both in Israel and abroad.
    Students can choose from three available tracks:

    • Environmental biotechnology
    • Molecular biomedical engineering
    • Food engineering
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering

    The Electrical and Electronic Engineering program places a strong emphasis on the development of cognitive skills together with intensive practical training. Our program produces professionals of the highest academic standards with the capacity to excel in a dynamic industry.
    Students can choose from several available fields of study, including: computerized systems, signal and image processing, electro-optics, RF, and communications. Graduates go on to attain desirable positions in the electronics industry and in hi-tech companies.
    Students can choose from three available majors:

    • Computers (software and hardware)
    • Signal processing and communication
    • Systems and electro-optics
  • Industrial Engineering and Management

    The Industrial Engineering and Management program provides broad knowledge in the planning, operations, and management of complex industrial and service systems. The program integrates the fields of engineering, technology, social sciences, and management for a wide-ranging academic experience that meets the demands of the twenty-first century. The graduate body comprises professionals with a strong background in operations management, system design, and
    information systems.
    Students can choose from three available tracks:

    • Planning and operation of production and service systems
    • Data systems and science
    • Management
  • Information Systems Engineering

    Information Systems (IS) are complex software constructs that support the operation of organizations. IS engineers deal with the analysis, characterization, implementation, maintenance, planning, and management of IS. IS engineers require vast knowledge in computer science, advanced methods of data analysis, and the operation of organizational systems. Graduates of our program work in Israel’s leading companies. Information Systems Engineering is a joint program given by the Software and the Industrial Engineering and Management departments.

  • Mechanical Engineering

    The Mechanical Engineering program offers solid expertise in modern engineering practices and robust theoretical knowledge for careers in advanced industry. Courses are designed to cultivate multi-faceted capabilities, combined with the acquisition and implementation of new technologies.
    Students can choose from four available majors:

    • Design and manufacturing
    • Plastics and plastics processing.
    • Mechatronics and biomaterials.
    • Industry 4.0
  • Civil Engineering (new track)

    Civil Engineers deal with the planning, development, operation, and maintenance of residential and industrial structures and general infrastructure. The program focuses on two major tracks:

    • Building management and engineering

    Responsibility for the various aspects of raising a building project from the planning stage to the implementation of various complex systems. Modern-day buildings are sophisticated and include smart, as well as green, buildings.

    • Structural engineering.

    Studies focus on the planning of buildings from reinforced concrete which is the main building material in Israel. This material is responsible for the buildings’ resilience with everyday workloads as well as in natural disasters and for defense capabilities.

  • Software Engineering

    The Software Engineering program offers comprehensive academic training in theoretical sciences and engineering. Its courses are continually adapted to suit current academic and professional demands in this dynamic field. Software engineers design, plan and build complex software systems used in a variety of fields such as banking, communication systems, medical infrastructure and more.
    The degree is offered in three tracks:

    • Network and computer design
    • Scientific programming
    • Software systems and algorithms

    Graduates of the program are required to complete a project during their final year of studies and to work in leading software engineering companies.

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