• Applied Mathematics

    The Applied Mathematics program prepares students for the integration
    and practical application of mathematics to advanced technological
    developments across a wide range of fields, such as semiconductors,
    lasers, non-linear optics, optic fibers, nanotechnology, robotics,
    and computerized imaging. Graduates of the program help to fulfill
    the strong industry demand for professional applied mathematicians
    who can expertly integrate mathematical theory with engineering

  • Biotechnology Engineering

    The Biotechnology Engineering program provides comprehensive
    engineering training together with a well-rounded education
    in the sciences, exposing students to the most advanced
    approaches, while placing a strong emphasis on current
    industry practice.
    Graduates have established successful careers in
    pharmaceutical development, biotechnology, agriculture,
    life sciences, environmental protection, and the food industry.

  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering

    The Electrical and Electronic Engineering program places a strong
    emphasis on the development ofcognitive skills with intensive practical
    training, to create professionals of the highest academic standards with
    the capacity to excel in a dynamic industry.
    Students can choose from several available fields of study, including:
    computerized systems, signal and image processing, electro-optics,
    RF, and communications.
    Graduates go on to attain desirable positions in the electronics industry
    and hi-tech companies.

  • Industrial Engineering & Management

    The Industrial Engineering & Management program provides broad
    knowledge in the planning, operations, and management of complex
    industrial and service systems. The program integrates the fields
    of engineering, technology, social sciences and management for a
    wide-reaching academic experience that meets the demands of the
    twenty-first century.
    The graduate body is comprised of professionals with strong
    backgrounds in operations management, system design, and
    information systems.

  • Information Systems Engineering

    The Information Systems Engineering program prepares students for
    careersin analysis, characterization, design, implementation, maintenance,
    and management of information systems.
    In a competitive world, information systems engineers must possess the
    ability to define an organization’s informational needs and design the
    most effective processes. Graduates enter the workplace with
    sophisticated skills that ensure success.

  • Mechanical Engineering

    The Mechanical Engineering program offers solid expertise in modern
    engineering practices and robust theoretical knowledge for careers in
    advanced industry. Courses are designed to cultivate multi-faceted
    capabilities, combined with the absorption and implementation of
    new technologies.
    Students can choose from four available majors: design &
    manufacturing, plastics & plastics processing, mechatronics,
    and biomaterials.

  • Optical Engineering

    The Optical Engineering program offers an outstanding academic
    curriculum that meets the growing demand for engineers with
    expertise in this dynamic and robust field.
    Studies include a unique balance of practical engineering
    experience with scientific and mathematical theory, to ensure that
    students are well-equipped to face realworld challenges in their
    professional engineering careers.
    The program provides three tracks which are offered from the
    third year: extended optics, electro-optics, and mechanical-optics.
    The optical engineering program is training a new generation of
    engineers with the skills to succeed in a demanding industry based
    on fast-paced technological developments.

  • Software Engineering

    The Software Engineering program offers comprehensive academic
    training in theoretical sciences and engineering. Its courses are
    continually adapted to suit current academic and professional
    demands in this dynamic field.
    The degree is offered with three tracks: network & computer design,
    scientific programming, and software systems & algorithms.
    Graduates of the program work in leading software engineering

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