Internship options 2023

Proposed research projects and supervisors

Supervisor Department Domains
Dr. Naseraldin Hussein Industrial Engineering and management
  • Applied Operations Research in design and planning of the supply chain
  • Smart Manufacturing: integrating smart technologies into operations
  • A digital twin of a manufacturing line
  • Integrated design, printing, and post-printing in a 3D Printing
Dr. Shalabney Atef Optical Engineering
  • Light-matter interaction
  • Nanophotonics
  • Plasmonics
  • Enhanced optical spectroscopy for optical biosensing
Dr. Zorea Pini Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Digital image processing in real-time systems
  • Engineering Design of projects including Embedded systems, Control systems, and IoT
Dr. Adler Amir Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • EEG/MEG brain signal processing and analysis
  • Deep learning for brain MRI segmentation
  • Array signal processing
  • Machine and deep learning
Dr. Chernov Victor Mechanical Engineering
  • Optical systems for combustion measurements
  • Biomass combustion, both experimental and computational
  • AI in combustion applications.
  • Affordable spectrometry
Dr. Tarif Fadel Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • System design with ARM microcontroller
  • programmable logic devices (VHDL), IoT
Dr. Goldshtein Ayelet Mechanical Engineering
  • Fluid mechanics-two phase flow
  • field singularities-corners-local behavior
  • Thermodynamic engines (e.g. thermo- acoustic), mechanical statistics
Dr. Biswas Seema Mechanical Engineering
  • Development of physician training-oriented body parts and models