Strategy Statement & Vision

פרופ' אריה מהרשק, נשיא המכללה

Since its inception, Braude College of Engineering in Karmiel has embraced a singular goal: making higher education accessible to all Israelis, regardless of their economic background. At Braude, we consider imparting higher education in the engineering and science fields as a powerful expression of national values and welcome every opportunity to advance this goal. We constantly stay abreast of educational and industrial trends to remain relevant in this competitive new world and provide students with the most current curriculum. As a result, I am proud to report that Braude continues to grow, flourish, and welcome new, eager students year after year.

At Braude, we are keenly aware of our social responsibility and the benefit our location can have for our students, local industries, and communities. We believe that each and every person has the right to shape their own future. This belief, alongside the college’s social commitment, have allowed Braude to make tremendous contributions to the local community and economy. It is also the impetus for us to work indefatigably to give young Israelis the opportunity to achieve personal academic fulfillment while we continue to uphold high, uncompromising academic standards. 

Now, more than ever, as we must keep pace with the constantly changing technological world, engineers must think out of the box, demonstrate initiative, possess a broad outlook, self-learning, and teamwork skills, and, above all, imagination and creativity, and professionalism. To ensure that our students are thoroughly prepared to meet the demands of the modern workforce, we offer a comprehensive support system that includes innovative learning tools, advanced laboratories, personal tutors, and scholarships. 

The cornerstone of education at Braude is our innovative internship program, in which students develop the most advanced skills through hands-on experience and exposure to various industries. Our students develop close relationships with their host companies, and as a result of these reciprocal connections, Braude graduates have acquired a reputation for being a league above other candidates. Many of the leading Israeli companies in which they interned are only too happy to hire them following graduation, as they have already demonstrated their engineering leadership prowess. 

Due to our tremendous academic success, Braude has been honored with the prestigious Yitzhak Rabin National Quality & Excellence Award. This excellence can largely be attributed to our incomparable academic staff – lecturers and researchers – who work tirelessly to provide every student with the most advanced, cuttingedge engineering education. Their commitment to our students’ success is unwavering and immutable. 

Braude further demonstrates our social responsibility by working diligently for the benefit of our local community. We have launched various valuable educational-scientific programs for the next generation, opening our doors to young science enthusiasts, and hosting the World ORT International Seminar for budding scientists. We also encourage our students to contribute their time and talents for the betterment of society. These relationships between Braude and the local communities are the seeds that were sown at the college’s outset, and which continue to blossom and grow over time. 

Israel has become a leader in engineering science innovation thanks to its continued efforts to foster excellence and bold, original thinking. At Braude, we continue to support these values and work conscientiously to incorporate them throughout all departments. As a result, the college has acquired a reputation that has made us a magnet for all youth interested in becoming part of the Galilee’s leading academic institution. We are exceedingly proud of our students and their accomplishments, and we look forward to graduating thousands more in the future. 

Prof. Arie Maharshak

College President


Braude College of Engineering in Karmiel is a higher education institution in the engineering, technology, and related fields, whose goals are to promote

  • Equal opportunities in Israeli society through education and professional training
  • The productivity of Israeli industry in general, and that of traditional industry in particular


To award an outstanding engineering degree in Israel


Our graduates will be multidisciplinary engineers and possess

  • A general and professional education that is simultaneously broad-based and in-depth
  • The ability and desire for independent study and teamwork
  • The ability to adapt knowledge to changing needs
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial approaches
  • Social and environmental awareness

Our faculty members will be

  • Teachers for life
  • Up-to-date in their professional fields, in addition to possessing a broad education
  • Dedicated to the ideal image of the graduate, as detailed above, with the ability to enable their students to attain these goals
  • Able and willing to motivate their students, stimulate their curiosity, and create relevant and up-to-date connections
  • Active, high-quality researchers participating in significant research projects
  • Involved in the college, the environment, and the academic and professional community