Mechanical Engineering B.Sc

The study program

State-of-the-art industry poses many technological challenges, which require solid and broad theoretical knowledge and an in-depth understanding   of  the fields of modern engineering.  The engineer is required to show capability to plan, to solve technological and engineering problems, to become involved in multi-disciplinary development efforts,  as well as learn quickly and stay current.

The department’s curriculum includes scientific courses such as mathematics and statistics, physics, chemistry, and computer programming, together with basic engineering courses, including statics and strength of materials, computer design, production processes, dynamics, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer and control theory.  Additional subjects include electricity and electronics, economics and marketing, reliability, etc.

The student will specialize in one of the following four fields:

  1. Design and Production – Training in the field of product, plant and systems design; expanding the understanding and knowledge related to the field of computer aided design and production; computerized production systems, electronic packaging, etc.
  2. Plastic Materials and their Processing – Introduction to the characteristics and features of plastic materials, through knowledge and understanding of the production and design methods (production machinery, injection molds, etc.).
  3. Mechatronics – Integration of knowledge in the field of mechanical engineering, electronics and computers, as is necessary for modern products and systems.  Focus on courses such as control, signal processing, electric drive and micro-computers.
  4. Bio-mechanics –  The study of basic principles in the field of material and mechanism design of medical devices; understanding the interface between mechanical engineering and the world of medicine.

The studies at the department include experience at state-of-the-art laboratories, work on engineering projects and the use of advanced scientific and engineering software.  All this experience prepares the student to integrate into the hi-tech industry and  enables his continued study toward an advanced degree.

The 4-year program features the following unique characteristics:

  • In the 7th semester, the student participates in an internship in industry (that lasts one semester), during which time he is required to deal with a variety of engineering subjects that are related to his field of training.
  • During the 4th year, the student is required to prepare a final summary project: the subject is generally related to the plant where the student completed his internship, or is selected from the college’s list of projects.  The management of the project is conducted in an industrial format, including design surveys and close monitoring of the project’s progress.
  • Alternately, students with a research inclination may choose to conduct an experiment and a research project supervised by a faculty member involved in research.  This option is offered to a limited number of students and it provides them with the research tools that will prepare them for a research masters degree.


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