Engineers For People With Disabilities



This is a leading social project engaging Braude’s engineering departments and organizations dealing with assisting and rehabilitating people with special needs and disabilities.

The project has earned the support of the Council for Higher Education’s Planning and Budget Committee.

According to the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), the needs of 1,440,000 people in Israel, having a disability of one type or another—18% of the state’s population—are not being met by existing products.

The “From the Heart” project focuses on establishing a Center for Research and Applied Knowledge for Populations with Special Needs. The Center is founded on the concept of leveraging the ongoing activities of the Departments of Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering and Management, while expanding cooperative efforts with involved units both within and external to the College.

The project comprises academic courses, students’ final projects and research being conducted by the academic faculty. This website brings together and organizes the cumulative knowledge and presents it to all populations for the benefit of persons with disabilities or special needs.