Science Oriented Youth

Braude College of Engineering in Karmiel sees great importance investing in the youth that constitutes the scientific reserve of the state of Israel. Each year, the college opens its doors to many teens and invests many resources to provide youth with a scientific, quality learning experience in labs and college facilities. The center serves as a regional focus for science education in the Galilee, provides a solution for science-oriented youth, and allows them to expand their knowledge and develop in various fields of science. The Center works in collaboration with the Ministry of Education – Director of Science and Technology.

Objectives of the Center:

• Encouraging excellence and developing original and creative thinking among youth
• Approaching youth to science and technology professions
• Acquisition of tools and skills beyond the school curriculum

Center Features:

• Learning in small groups
• A professional and skilled teachers’ team
• A fascinating multi-year curriculum
• Advanced labs
• Located in a regional center with transportation arrangements
• Participation in national competitions