Galilee Center for Innovation and Advanced Manufacture in Israel Ltd.

Reflecting Braude’s commitment to promoting increased productivity throughout Israeli industry, with a specific focus on traditional industries, Braude and its commercial partners operate the Galilee Center for Innovation and Advanced Manufacturing in Israel Ltd. The center acts as a national hub providing industries with diagnostic and consulting services in the fields of robotics, 3D printing, big data, algorithms, Internet of Things (IoT), digitization of work processes; all part of Industry 4.0. Owing to the nature of Braude, it fulfills the industrial – academic role in this partnership. The institute implements the government-informed strategy to strengthen traditional industry, its productivity, and competitive abilities.

The Galilee Center establishes a knowledge center that brings together all the existing knowhow related to Industry 4.0, both in Israel and around the world. The Galilee Center also cooperates extensively with similar institutes and organizations at home and abroad, making information accessible to all manufacturers through articles published on its website, as well as via advanced courses and workshops held on the premises.

Above all, the Galilee Center forms an innovation community that includes industry professionals, academics, entrepreneurs, investors, educational institutions, and government bodies in order to establish a comprehensive ecosystem designed to support and promote awareness of the importance of increasing productivity through advanced production methods.


Another important tier of the Galilee Center’s activities is the establishment of an innovation laboratory outfitted with the most sophisticated equipment available, including robots, cobots (collaborative robots), 3D printers, simulation software, demo booths, and more. The laboratory hosts various hackathons and meetups intended to attract startups, students, and industry professionals interested in discovering and experiencing the latest production technologies.

The Galilee Center therefore plays a crucial role in the development of traditional industry in Israel, which must take a giant leap forward if it is to contend with international competitors. By successfully adopting innovative technologies and increasing productivity, Israeli industry can improve profitability and wage levels, bring about a resurgence in the manufacturing industry, and create attractive, high-paying jobs.

The Galilee Center primarily focus on manufacturing plants with under 400 employees. Larger companies are also invited to avail themselves of the Center’s services but will not enjoy subsidies. Currently, the Center aims to work with 250 manufacturing plants within three years – the Center will provide subsidized consulting services and, in return, the plant will be required to comply with a development plan that will outline the optimal technological investments for its needs.