• Accommodations

    Braude’s dormitories are modern, spacious, comfortable and equipped with a kitchen. Study abroad students live alongside Israeli students. The cafeterias offer reasonably priced meals throughout the day.

  • Security

    The safety and security of the students is taken very seriously. All students receive a comprehensive security orientation up on their arrival. Guards and security teams are on duty around the clock. All student activities, on and off campus, meet the strictest security requirements.

  • Buddy Network

    A social coordinator at Braude College Students have the comfort of social coordinator who is available to help around the clock.

  • Food on and off campus

    During the academic program in Israel, students will be staying in the dormitories, sharing living space with fellow students. Every dormitory unit has a kitchen, which is equipped with a refrigerator, a hot plate for cooking, and other kitchen accessories.
    During week days there are several food services available for students on campus – vegetarian and meat based. On Saturdays, the food services are closed.
    For the students’ convenience, we have provided the following price list of common food products that you may want to buy while living in the dormitories. As you might expect, the prices vary somewhat from store to store, and the lowest prices can be typically found in outdoor markets. Prices in supermarkets may be higher.
    The table above lists price ranges of typical products. Eating habits are personal, and every student manages their food consumption individually. However, from experience, we have noticed that students who used the kitchen in the dormitory unit during the study abroad program for cooking, spent between $220-$280 USD per month for food.
    The information here is presented to help students to budget their financial resources during the study abroad program in Israel. Students who are planning to travel in Israel during the program, should consult with internet sites and experienced travelers in Israel, to gauge the cost of travelling in Israel.

  • Learning Facilities

    On campus learning facilities are spacious and comfortable and equipped with today’s most advanced technology. Computerized libraries, up-to-date laboratories and computer labs are available, and WiFi access is widely available.

  • Sports Facilities

    Braude’s modern sports facilities include a gym that features aerobic and weight-training machines, as well as tennis, basketball, and  volleyball courts. Use of the sport facilities is free.

  • Health Insurance

    The Study Abroad Program insures students for the duration of their studies in Israel.

    • Walk in local facilities
    • High quality Hospital

    Students must have insurance by either of the two following options:

    1. Providing proof of their own insurance.
    2. Taking part in the insurance offered by Braude College. 

    For more information, please contact the IRO office, international@braude.ac.il 

  • Transportation

    Enter Israel
    The best way to get to Israel is by air. The international airport of Israel is Ben-Gurion airport.

    Bus Service
    Detailed information on travel times and service frequencies on various bus lines can be obtained from the Transport Lines in Israel  Portal.

    Train Service
    Information regarding the timetable and routes is available through Israel Railways information:

    Tel.: *5770 or 03-5774000
    as well as on the Israel Railways website

    Israel Railways operates a “Park and Ride” service, which enables its passengers to park their vehicle at Ben Gurion Airport at a special rate of NIS 15 per day. The service is limited to one day only. Users of the “Park and Ride” service may use the Short-Term Parking only. To exit the car park without payment, keep the train ticket and the parking card issued upon entering the car park.

    Payment for parking is made at the automatic pay machines located in the car park.

    Israel uses a pre-paid contract system for public transportation called Rav-Kav, where you can front load a pass for a day, week, month, or semester. Students received a heavy discount. 

    Alternative, you can use the Mooveit app and scan a QR code when you get on your bus or train. Mooveit also has pre-paid and discount features.