Declaration of accessibility

Declaration of accessibility - the Braude College of Engineering

The policy of the Ort Braude Academic College of Engineering is to create an accessible and physically and academically safe environment for all students, including those with disabilities or special needs, as part of its goal to allow them to function independently and with dignity and realize their entire potential. In accordance with the Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities Law – 1998 and its regulations, the College in recent years has invested significant resources in making the college accessible to all its students with teaching and administrative staff receiving special training in providing accessible service.
The College Accessibility Coordinator, Ornit Bar-Zait , is the administrator responsible for the issues of accessibility and mobility within the campus. You can contact her for any questions regarding accessibility or request accessibility accommodations under the regulations of the Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities Law.


Arrangements for building accessibility

  • The following accessibility arrangements exist on the campus of the Braude, College of Engineering located on 51 Snunit St., Karmiel:
    Handicapped parking spots are marked in parking lots. Students with cars with handicapped stickers are entitled to park their cars in these spots. Students with temporary mobility difficulties may contact the College Security Officer to request a special permit subject to approval by the Committee for Special Requests
  • There is an accessible corridor from the parking lot to the various buildings in the College
  • Every building has elevators and accessible restrooms
  • Department offices have induction loops systems for the hearing impaired
  • Identification and orientation signs are posted
  • In the EF and M auditoriums as well as the VIP room, a permanent audio system is installed for which the building superintendent can provide a receiver and earphones
  • We have several personal FM devices, personal assistance devices for the hearing impaired. The devices are compatible with hearing aids with T frequency as well as with use with regular earphones. The devices are intended for use in classrooms. At the time of delivery of the device, the student will receive instructions regarding the use and maintenance of the device. In order to receive permission to borrow an FM device from the Technical Warehouse, it is necessary to contact the Accessibility Coordinator by email or telephone 04-9901701
  • Throughout the campus from the entrance gates to all of its corridors, the College has installed an advanced location and orientation system (Right Hear) in order to help people that are visually impaired or have difficulty orientating themselves identify their location and navigate the campus
  • In the Dean’s building, there is a technology room with aids and software for a wide variety of disabilities
  • If needed, you can talk with the service representatives at the stations to receive help in completing the forms.

Accessible customer service

  • Training workers to provide accessible service – We have a policy of providing training to College employees to provide them with familiarity with the subject of accessibility, create awareness among the employees and teach practical tools for providing accessible service
  • Accessible service phone center – the voice response is accessed such that the information is expressed in clear language without background music. It is possible to contact the Guidance Center at telephone *9099 or 04-9901751
  • Several other ways of making contact are available on the College website contact

Internet site accessibility

  • The website complies with the requirements of the regulations of the Equal Rights for Disabled Persons Law (service accessibility accommodations) – 2013
  • The College implemented the accommodations according to the recommendations of the Israel standard (IS 5568) for accessibility of content on the Internet at the level of AA and international standard WCAG 2.0
  • The audit tested the highest possible compatibility with the Chrome browser
  • The website provides a semantic structure for assistance and support technologies for accepted usage of keyboard operation using the arrow, Enter and Escape buttons to exit menus and windows
  • Compatible for display on common browsers and use on cellular phones
  • To enjoy the best browsing experience with a screen reader program, we recommend use of the latest NVDA program
  • Documents or videos uploaded to the site before October of 2017 may not be fully accessible. If you encounter such a document or video, you can contact the accessibility coordinator using the form appearing on the bottom of the page
  • Providing information in an accessible format – We provide you with the possibility of receiving information in accessible formats. The information is without charge and intended for people with disabilities. To contact and for information, contact the Accessibility Coordinator using the form appearing on the bottom of the page
  • A2Z Internet Accessibility and Internet Marketing provided the accessibility auditing and consultation services

Campus accessibility

The College policy is to create a physically and academically accessible environment allowing students with disabilities or special needs coping with physical, sensory, cognitive and emotional problems as well as various diseases to function independently, safely and with dignity while fully realizing their potential.

Students with special needs are defined as those that have any disability that affects their functioning and prevents them, among other ways, from fully functioning during their studies and tests relative to their peers and producing results that correspond to and reflect their skills.

The Department for Student Advancement of the Dean of the Students is the body acting as an advocate of students with special needs. The department provides support, mediation, consulting and assistance services through a variety of services, including assistance in receiving accommodations on tests, support groups, academic software and a study center with technological aids.

The Accessibility Coordinator acts to promote the achievement of disabled students for the purpose of making studies accessible to them. Among its activities, it is responsible for the planning and implementation of long-term accessibility accommodations as well as providing immediate solutions for students, employees and visitors requiring them. The College has invested significant resources in physical accessibility and accessibility to services.

The services provided in this framework include:

  • Assistance in receiving test accommodations
  • Building a work plan and coordination with the support center staff
  • Assistance in exercising rights granted by the National Insurance Institute (Social Security)
  • Tutors and tutoring sessions with support from the National Insurance Institute
  • Contacts with secretaries and lecturers
  • Contacts with associations and organizations

We have invested significant resources in make the campus and website accessible. However, if you have encountered a specific difficulty, we would be happy if you wrote us about it and contact our Accessibility Coordinator directly.

Contact details of the Accessibility Coordinator at the Braude College of Engineering

Ms. Ornit Bar-Zait
Tel: 04-9901701

Last updated: 8.11.2021