Gender Equality

Braude College of Engineering in Karmiel is committed to promoting the fair representation of women among its student body, as well as among the academic faculty.
Currently, female students make up around 30% of both undergraduates and postgraduates at ORT Braude. As an institution focusing on engineering and technology – fields that are overwhelmingly dominated by men – ORT Braude continually strives to increase the numbers of women opting to pursue careers in these fields. For this purpose, the college awards annual scholarships for women out of its own budget.
Every year, the Dean of Students runs a special gender-focused workshop, which is attended by many female students from the Jewish and Arab communities. The workshop raises many issues related to effective career management and the ways in which women can overcome the obstacles associated with entering a majority-male work environment upon graduation.
The college also views appointing women to senior faculty positions and supporting their professional development to be of the highest importance. Today, three women serve as head of departments / academic units.
Women are also represented in the governing bodies of the college. The board of trustees has 13 female members (out of 35) and the board of directors has 6 female members (out of 11).
Furthermore, several prominent administrative positions within the college are filled by women: finance director, dean of students, library director, mechina (college prep) program director, VP marketing, and head of the Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning.

Presidential Advisor on Gender Equality – Dr. Sarai Sheinvald