English Studies Unit

The English Studies Unit at ORT Braude College provides language teaching and learning services to all students in the School of Engineering. To meet students’ needs and enable them to work with academic texts in their fields of study, specific academic courses in Technical English have been developed for each of the college’s departments.

An Applied Technical English course is offered in two of the departments. This is a course which focuses on the professional application of the students’ English language skills and development of oral presentation skills. The course incorporates seminar-style discussions and oral presentations related to the students’ specific field of study.

In addition, an elective English course to improve writing skills is offered for students who have completed the technical English courses successfully.

A member of the Unit’s teaching staff is available in the Self-Access Language Centre (SALC) during opening hours to assist you in your language learning. Feel free to approach us with any queries regarding our courses and your independent study. We can help you: click here

  • focus on your particular language learning needs

  • with general or specific advice on language learning strategies

The programs available in the SALC include the following:

  • Natural Reader

  • iMindMap

  • Roads to Academic Reading

  • The English Studies Unit also develops and runs language workshops for lecturers in the SALC.

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