Toward Achieving Predictive Maintenance in a Diaper Production Factory

כיתה M221

Seminar of the Department of Mechanical Engineering

Speaker: Youssef Salman
Project supervisor: Dr. Uri Ben-Hanan

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, also called Industry 4.0, revolutionized factories by blending physical and digital systems to boost performance and product quality.
Diaper production factories, with their intricate machinery, face unique challenges. This seminar explores implementing predictive maintenance, a method involving continuous monitoring of system components to predict equipment status and potential failures. By leveraging data-driven strategies, proactive maintenance plans can be devised, leading to increased efficiency and reduced downtime in manufacturing operations.

About the Speaker : Youssef Salman holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Ben-Gurion University since 1998. With a background in process and maintenance engineering, he specializes in optimizing production processes through the integration of new technologies and solutions into production lines and machinery.

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