Assoc. Prof. Marei Sammar

Assoc. Prof. Marei Sammar

Assoc. Prof. Marei Sammar

מחלקה: Biotechnology Engineering
תפקיד נוכחי: Head, Biotechnology Engineering M.Sc. Program

Education :

D.Sc. 1989, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel.

M.Sc. 1985, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel.

B.Sc. 1983, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel

Research Interests
  • 1.  Placentation
  • 2. Biology of Preeclampsia and other pregnancy related pahologies
  • 3. Role of Extracellular Microvesicles and Exosomes in pregnancy
  • 1. Diagnostic
  • 2.  Bioseparation and Diagnostic
  • 3. Genetic Engineering

Refereed Papers

1.  Generation of monoclonal anti GP70 antibody and characterization of its activity with various human cell lines from leukaemia-lymphoma patients.

Gazzit, Y., Sammar, M., Treves, A.  Manny, N., Gurfel, D. & Polliak, A.

Immunol.Lett. 12: 101-108 (1985).

2. Mapping a region associated with sodium channel inactivation using antibodies to synthetic peptide corresponding to part of the channel.

Meiri, H, Spira, G., Sammar, M., Schawarz, A; Komoriya, A., Kosower,.E. & Palty, Y. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. (USA), 84:5058-5062 (1987)

3. Production and use of synthetic peptides antibodies to map the region associated with sodium channel inactivation: approach and practice.

Meiri, H., Sammar, M. & Schawarz, A. Methods in Enzymology 178: 714-736 (1989)

4. Depolarization exposes the voltage sensor of the sodium channel to the extracellular region.

Sammar, M., Spira, G. & Meiri, H. J. membrane Biol. 125: 1-11 (1992)

5. Nectadrin, the heat stable antigen, is a cell adhesion molecule.

Kadmon. G., Eckert, M., Sammar, M., Schachner, M., & Altevogt, P.

J. Cell. Biol. 118: 1245-1258 (1992)

6. Heat stable antigen (CD24) as a ligand for mouse P-selectin.

Sammar, M., Aigner, S., Hubbe, M, Schirmacher, V., Schachner, M., Westweber, D. & Altevogt, P. Int. Immunol. 6: 1027-1036 (1994)

7. Heat stable antigen (mouse CD24) supports myeloid cell binding to endothelial and platelet P-selectin

Aigner, S., Ruppert, M., Hubbe, M., Sammar, M., Sthoeger, Z., Butcher, E., Westweber, D. & Altevogt, P. Int. Immunol. 7: 1557-1565 (1995)

8. Construction and adhesive properties of soluble MAdCAM-1-Fc chimera expressed in Baculovirus system: Phylogenetic conservation of ligand interaction.

Yang., L., Sammar, M., Lehnert, K., Print, G., Leung, E., Pristidge, R. & Krissansen G. Scand. Immunol. 42: 235-247 (1995)

9. The alpha-4 integrin is a ligand for alpha-4 and alpha-7 beta-1

Altevogt, P., Hubbe, M., Ruppert, M., Jens, L., von-Hoegen, P.,Sammar, M., Andrew, D., McEvoy, l., Humphiries, M. & Butcher, E.

J. Experimental Medicine. 182: 345-355 (1995)

10. Interaction of monocytic cells with the mocusal adressin MadCAM-1 via  integrins  VLA-4 and LPAM-1.

Yang, L., Harrison J., Print, G., Lehnert, K., Sammar, M., Lazarovitz, A.  Krissansen, G. Immunology and Cell Biology. 74: 383-393 (1996)

11. Heat stable antigen (CD24) in the brain: Dual but distinct interaction with P-selectin and L1.

Sammar, M., Aigner, S. & Altevogt, P. Biochem. Biophys.Acta 1337: 287-294 (1997)

12. Mouse CD24, as a signalling molecule for integrin mediated cell binding: Functional and physical interaction with src-kinases

Sammar, M., Gulbins, E., Hilbert, K., Lang, L. & Altevogt, P.

Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 234: 330-334 (1997)

13. CD24, a mucin-type glycoprotein, is a ligand for P-selectin on human tumour cells.

Aigner, S., Sthoeger, Z., Fogel, M., weber, E., Zarn, J., Ruppert, M., Zeller, Y., Westweber, D., Stahl, R., Sammar, M. & Altevogt, P.

Blood 89: 3385-3395 (1997)

14. Asp689 and Asp811 of alpha-4 subunit are critical for formation of functional heterodimers

Zeller, Y., Lohr, J., Sammar, M., Butcher, E. & Altevogt, P.

J. Biol. Chem. 273: 6786-6795 (1998)

15. Molecular characterization and high expression during oocyte development of schrimp ovarian cortical rod protein homologous to insect intestinal peritrophins.

Khyat, M., Babin, P., Funkenstein, B., Sammar, M., Nagasawa, H., Tiets, A., Lubzens, E. Biological Reproduction. 64: 1090-1099 (2001)

16. Retinol binding protein in rainbow trout: Molecular properties and mRNA expression in tissues.

Sammar, M., Babin, P., Durliat, M., Meiri, I., Zchori, A. & Lubzens, E.

General Comperative Endocinology. 123: 51-61 (2001)

17. Mutations in BMPR1B cause Brachydactyly type A2

Lehmann, K., Seemann, P., Striker, S., Sammar, M., Meyer, B., Suering, K., Majewski, F., Tinschert, S., Mueller, D., Knaus, P., Nuernberg, P. & Mundlos, S.

Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. (USA), 100:12277-12282 (2003)

18. Cartenoid and retinoid transport to fish oocytes and eggs: What is the role of retinol binding protein??

Lubzens, E., Lissauer, L., Levavi-Sivan, B., Avarre, J.C. & Sammar M.

Molecular Aspects of Medicine 24:441-457 (2003)

19. Modulation of GDF5/BRI-b signalling through interaction with the tyrosine kinase receptor Ror2.

Sammar, M., Stricker, S., Schwabe, G., Sieber, C., hartung, A., Hanke, M., Oishi, I., Pohl, J., Minami, Y., Sebald, W., Mundlos, S. & Knaus, P.

Genes Cells 9: 1227-1238 (2004)

20. Tumorbiological aspects of CD24, a mucin-like adhesion molecule.

Kristiansen, G., Sammar, M. & Altevogt, P.

J. Molecular Histology. 35: 255-262 (2004)

21. Studies on   the retinol binding protein during vitellogenesis in Rainbow trout (Onchorhynchus mykiss)

Sammar, M., Levi, L., Hurvitz, A. & Lubzens, E.

Gen. Comp. Endocrinol. 141: 141-151 (2005)

22. First trimester PP13 as a marker for prediction of pre-eclampsia

Meiri, H., Chefetz, I., Grimple, Y-I, Gotkine, E. and Sammar, M

Clinical  laboratory. 30:25-27 (2006)

23. A novel approach to first trimester screening for early Pre-eclampsia combining serum PP-13 and Doppler ultrasound

Nicolaides, H., Bindra, R.,  Turan, O., Chefetz, I., Sammar, M., Meiri, M., Tal, J.,Cuckle, K. Ultrasound Obstet. Gynecol. 27: 13-17 (2006)

24. First Trimester Placental Protein 13 Screening for Preeclampsia and Intrauterine Growth Restriction .

Chafetz, I., Kuhnreich, I., Sammar, M., Tal,Y.,Gibor, Y., Meiri, H., Cuckle, H.,Wolf, MAm. J. Obstet. Gynecol.197(1):35.e1-7. (2007)

25. Placental Protein13 (PP13) as an early marker for pre-eclampsia: Prospective longitudinal study.

Gonen,R., Shahar, R., Grimple, Y.,Chefetz, I., Sammar, M., Meiri, H., Gibor, Y.

Brit. J. Obstet. Gynecol. 115(12):1465-72 (2008)

26. Placental Protein 13 (PP13) has decreased placental expression but shedding and maternal serum concentration in preterm preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome.

Than, N., Abdul-rahman,O., Magenheim, R., Nagy, B., Flue,T., Hargitai, B., SammarM., Hupuczi, P., Szabo, G., Kovalszky, I., Meiri, H., Sziller, I., Rigo, J., Romero, R. Papp, Z.  Virchows Arch. 453(4):387-400 (2008)

27. Longitudinal determination of serum PP13 during development of preeclampsia

Huppertz, B., Sammar, M., Chefetz, I., Hebish, G., Neumair-wagnerP., Clemens, B. Meiri, H.,  Fetal Diagnosis and Therapy. 24 (3):230-236 (2008)

28. First trimester maternal serum PP13 in the risk assessment for preeclampsia

Romero, R., Kusanovic, J., Gabor, T., Erez, O., Gotsch, F., Espinoza, J., Edwt, S., Chefetz, I., Gomez, R., Nien, J., Sammar, M., Pineles, B., Hassan, S., Meiri, H., Tal, Y., Kunhnreich, I., Papp. and Cuckle, H.

Am. J. Obstet.Gynecol.199(2):122.e1-e11(2008)

29.   Galectins, Chemokines and Trophoblast invasion .

Lash, G., Ansari,  T.,  Bishof, P., Burton, G., Chamley, L., Crocker, I., Dantzer, V., Desoye, G., Drewlo, S., Fazleabas, A., Jansson, T., Keating, S., Kliman, H., Lang, I.,  Mayhew, T., Meiri, H., Miller, R., Nelson, D., Pfarrer, C., Roberts, C., Sammar, M.,  Sharma, S., Shiverick, K., Strunk, D., Tunner, M., Huppertz, B.

Placenta ,  30 :S4-14 (2009)

30.  Biochemical and functional analyses of the Ror2/BRIb receptor complex

Sammar, M., Sieber, C.,  Knaus, P.

Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 38(1):1-6 (2009)

31.  Placental and trophoblastic in vitro models to study preventive and therapeutic agents for preeclampsia

Orendi, K.,  Kivity,V., Sammar, M., Grimpel, Y., Gonen, R., Meiri, H; Lubzens, E., Huppertz, B. Placenta , 32 :S49-S54 (2011)

32.  Effects of calcium, magnesium, low-dose aspirin and low-molecular-weight

heparin on the release of PP13 from placental explants

Grimpel, Y., Cohen, A., Kivity, V., Meiri, M., Sammar, M., Gonen, R., Huppertz , B. Placenta,  32 :S55-S64 (2011)

33. Cryogenic and low  temperature preservation of human placental villous explants – a new way to explore drugs in pregnancy disorders
Huppertz, B; Kivity, V; Sammar,  M; Grimpel, Y; Leepaz, N; Orendi, K; Pekarski, K; Meiri, H; Gonen, R; Lubzens, S. Placenta, 32:S65-S76 (2011)

34.  Placenta-bound and body fluid PP13 and its mRNA in normal pregnancy compared to preeclampsia, HELLP and preterm delivery

SammarM; Nisemblat, M; Fleischfarb, Z; Golan, A; Sadan, O; Meiri, H; Huppertz, B; Gonen, R.   Placenta, 32 :S30-S36  (2011)

35.  Placental Protein 13 (PP13/galectin-13) undergoes lipid raft-associated subcellular redistribution in the syncytiotrophoblast in preterm preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome.

Balogh, J. Pozsgay, J. Matko, T. Varkonyi, M. Sammar J. Rigo, H. Meiri, R.  Romero, Z. Papp., N. Than.  Am J Obstet Gynecol.  25(2):156.e1-156.e14 (2011)

36-   PP13, maternal ABO blood groups and the risk assessment of pregnancy complications

N. Than; R. Romero; H. Meiri; O. Erez; L. Barna; A. Szilágyi; R. Ackerman; M. Sammar, T. Füle; I. Kovalszky; P. Závodszky; Z. Papp; R. Gonen . PLoS One. 6(7):e21564 (11pp) (2011).

37-Placental protein 13 and decidual zones of necrosis: an immunologic diversion that may  be linked to preeclampsia

H. Kliman, M. Sammar, Y. Grimpel, S. Lynch, K. Milano, E. Pick, J Bejar, A.  Arad, J.Lee, H. Meiri, R. Gonen.  Reproductive Sciences.19(1):16-30 (2012)

38- Placental protein 13 (PP13): A new biological target shifting individualized risk assessment to personalized drug design combating preeclampsia

Huppertz, B., Meiri, M.,  Gizurarson, S., Osol G., Sammar, M.

Human Reproduction Update. 19(4):391-405 (2013 )

39- Body fluid exosomes promote secretion of inflammatory cytokines in monocytic cells via TLR signaling.

Bretz, NP., Ridinger, J., Rupp, AK., Rimbach, K., Keller, S., Rupp, C., Marme, F., Umansky, L., Umansky, V., Eigenbrod, T., Sammar, M., Altevogt, P.

J. Biol Chem. 288(51):36691-702 (2013)

40- Prediction of Preeclampsia by Placental Protein 13 and Background Risk Factors and its Prevention by Aspirin

Meiri, H., Sammar, M., Herzog, A., Grimpel, Y-I., Fihaman, G., Cohen, A. , Kiviti, V., Sharabi-Nov, A.,  Gonen R.

J Perinat Med. 2014 . 42(5):591-601. doi: 10.1515/jpm-2013-0298.

41-  The Role of the Carbohydrate Recognition Domain of Placental Protein 13 (PP13) in pregnancy evaluated with recombinant PP13 and the DelT221 PP13 Variant.

Sammar, M., Nisemblat, S.,  Gonen, R.,  Huppertz, B.,  Gizurarson, S., Osol , G.and  Meiri, H. PLoS One. 2014 Jul 31;9(7):e102832

42- Placental Protein 13 (PP13) – a placental immunoregulatory galectin protecting pregnancy,

Nandor Gabor Than, Andrea Balogh, Robert Romero, Eva Karpati, Offer Erez, Andras Szilagyi, Ilona Kovalszky, Marei Sammar, Sveinbjorn Gizurarson, Janos Matko, Peter Zavodszky, Zoltan Papp, Hamutal Meiri.

Frontiers in Immunology. 5:348. doi: 10.3389/fimmu.2014.00348. eCollection 2014. Review.

43- Biological Properties of Extracellular Vesicles and Their Physiological Functions.

Yáñez-Mó M, Siljander PR, Andreu Z, Zavec AB, Borràs FE, Buzas EI, Buzas K, Casal E, Cappello F, Carvalho J, Colás E, Cordeiro-da Silva A, Fais S, Falcon-Perez JM, Ghobrial IM, Giebel B, Gimona M, Graner M, Gursel I, Gursel M, Heegaard NH, Hendrix A, Kierulf P, Kokubun K, Kosanovic M, Kralj-Iglic V, Krämer-Albers EM, Laitinen S, Lässer C, Lener T, Ligeti E, Linē A, Lipps G, Llorente A, Lötvall J, Manček-Keber M, Marcilla A, Mittelbrunn M, Nazarenko I, Nolte-‘t Hoen EN, Nyman TA, O’Driscoll L, Olivan M, Oliveira C, Pállinger É, Del Portillo HA, Reventós J, Rigau M, Rohde E,Sammar M, Sánchez-Madrid F, Santarém N, Schallmoser K, Ostenfeld MS, Stoorvogel W, Stukelj R, Van der Grein SG, Vasconcelos MH, Wauben MH, De Wever O.

J Extracell Vesicles. 2015 May 14;4:27066. doi: 10.3402/jev.v4.27066. eCollection 2015

44- Placental  Protein 13 (PP13) Administration To Pregnant  Rats Lowers Blood  Pressure and  Augments Fetal Growth  and  Venous  Remodeling

Gizurarson S, Sigurdardottir ER, Meiri H, Huppertz B, Sammar M, Sharabi-Nov A, Mandalá M, Osol G.

Fetal Diagn Ther. 2015 Aug 28. [Epub ahead of print]


B-   Conference proceeding

  1. Promoter variant -98A-C of the LGALS13 gene and pre-eclampsia

Bruiners, N., Bosman, M., Postma, A., Gebhardt, S., Rebello, G., Sammar, M., Meiri, H., Hillermann, R. International proceeding: 371-374 ,

Medimond S.r.l, Monduzzi Ed. (2007)


Conference Proceedings and Abstracts

Poster presentations in congresses and meetings( Partial list):

1-    Galectins as major components in amniotic fluid-derived exosomes Marei Sammar, Niko Bretz, John Hazin and Peter Altevogt

Third  International Meeting of ISEV 2014 Rotterdam, The Netherlands,  April     30th – May 3rd, 2014. J Extracell Vesicles. 2014; 3: 10.3402/jev.v3.24214

1-    Exosomes trigger NFBk and STAT3 activation via TLR signalling in monocytic THP-1 cells. Niko, Bretz, Johannes Ridinger, Anne-Kathleen Rupp, Katharina Rimbach, Sascha Keller, Tatjana Eigenbrod, Alexander Dalpke, Marei Sammar, and Peter AltevogtSecond International Meeting of ISEV 2013 Boston, USA, April 17th-20th, 2013

2-    Meta-Analysis of Studies using Placental Protein 13 (PP13) for First Trimester Screening for Preeclampsia. Berthold Huppertz, Hamutal Meiri, Sveinbjorn Gizurarson, George Osol, and Marei SammarSGI Summit-

“ From Implantation to Parturition” New Frontiers in Women’s Health Jerusalem 2013, May 28-30, 2013

3- Placenta-bound and body fluid PP13 (Galectin-13 ) and its mRNA in normal pregnancy compared to preeclampsia, HELLP and preterm delivery

Marei Sammar, Shahar Nissemblatt, Berthold Huppertz, Ron Gonen Hamutal Meiri [Poster]

ESF Euroglycosciences  “Glycomarkers for Diseases 12-16 September, 2010-Wierzba Poland

4-  MA 534 – a new anti-PP13 monoclonal antibody to assess placental protein 13 during early gestation

M. Sammar, M. Sade, S. Nisemblat, Y. Gimpel, H. Meiri, B. Huppertz, R. Gonen, S. Lynch, H.J. Kliman[Poster]

14th Meeting of the International-Federation-of-Placental-Associations(IFPA/EPG); SEP 10-13, 2008; Seggau Castle, AUSTRIA

5. Concentration of circulating placental protein-13 (PP13) in maternal and fetal serum and amnionic fluid and its placental mRNA level in preeclampsia, HELLP and preterm delivery

M. Sammar, O. Sadan, M. Sade, S. Nissemblatt, H. Meiri, A. Golan, B. Huppertz, I. Kuhnreich, R. Gonen [Poster]

14th Meeting of the International-Federation-of-Placental-Associations(IFPA/EPG); SEP 10-13, 2008; Seggau Castle, Austria

6. Differential expression of placental protein 17 (PP17) in preeclampsia and HELLP compared to normal placentas

Moran Sade, Hamutal Meiri. Roni Gonen and Marei Sammar [Poster]

14th Meeting of the International-Federation-of-Placental-Associations(IFPA/EPG); SEP 10-13, 2008; Seggau Castle, Austria

7. Placental protein-13 (PP13) in maternal and fetal serum and amnionic fluid compared to its placental protein and mRNA levels in preeclampsia, HELLP and preterm delivery

M. Sammar, O. Sadan, M. Sade, S. Nissemblatt, H. Meiri, A. Golan, B. Huppertz, R. Gonen[Poster]

14th Meeting of the International-Federation-of-Placental-Associations(IFPA/EPG); SEP 10-13, 2008; Seggau Castle, AUSTRIA

8. PP13 (Galectin 13) mediated zones of necrosis diverts the maternal immune response away from the decidual spiral arterioles

HJ Kliman, M Sammar, SK Lynch, Y Gimpel, E Pic, J Bejar, A Rad, H Meiri and R Gonen [Poster]

International Society for study of hypertention in pregnancy (ISSHP),  Washington DC USA,21-24 Sept. 2008

9 . Subforms of PP13 may contribute to marker deficiency in preeclampsia

M., Sammar ; M Stolk; S Nisenblat; S Gebhardt; E Pick-Golan; H. Meiri; B. Huppertz; R. Hillermann. Placenta 2007; 28(8-9):A67-A67

13th International-Federation of Placental Associations -IFPA conference; 17-21 August 2007, Kingston, Canada

10. Molecular and cellular impacts of placenta-related pathologies on PP13 in complicated premature deliveries

M. Sammar, O. Sadan, Z. Fleischfarb, H. Meiri, B. Huppertz and A.Golan [Poster]. 26th Conference of the Society of Maternal and Fetal Medicine( SMFM) Miami USA, 2006

11. In vitro effects of heparin on release of PP13 from placental explants from normal, preeclamptic and HELLP pregnancies

A.Huppertz, Y. Grimpel, M. Sammar , H. Meiri [Poster]

the international Society for the Study of Hypertension in Pregnancy (ISSHP), meeting, Lisbon, Portugal July 2006.

12. Placental protein 13 (PP13) and its mRNA in preeclampsia, HELLP gestational hypertension and pre term delivery

M. Sammar; O. Sadan; Z. Fleicfarb; S. Nissimblat; H. Meiri; A. Golan; B. Huppertz; R. Gonen. Placenta2007; 28(8-9):A69-A69

13th International-Federation of Placental Associations -IFPA conference; 17-21 August 2007, Kingston, Canada

13. RNA splicing and polymorphism leading to two shorter sub-forms of placenta protein 13 (PP13) in preeclampsia

M. Sammar, M. Stolk, S. Nisenblat, S. Gebhardt, E. Pick-Golan, H. Meiri B. Huppertz, R. Hillermann, Am. J Obstet Gynecol..195(6):S141-S141 (2006)

26th Conference of the Society of Maternal and Fetal Medicine; Jan 30-Feb. 4, 2006, Miami Beach, Florida

14. Maternal serum levels of PP-13 can be used to differentiate early-onset from late-onset preeclampsia prior to onset of clinical symptoms.

Huppertz, B; Meiri, H; Neumaier-Wagner, P; Chefetz, I; Hebisch, G; Sammar, M. Placenta  26: A53. (2005)

IFPA Annual General Meeting September 6, 2005 Glasgow

15. Tocolysis increases the release of placental protein 13 from placenta into maternal blood. Huppertz, B; Meiri, H; Neumaier-Wagner, P; Hebisch, G; Sammar, M. PLACENTA , 26: A40-A40 (2005)

IFPA Annual General Meeting September 6, 2005 Glasgow

16. Expression of Retinol binding protein during vitellogenesis in rainbow trout

Sammar M and Lubzens E

First International congress on Transthyretin in health and diseases

22-25 April, 2002 Strasbourg, France [Poster]

17.The GPI-anchored mouse CD24 signals through src family protein kinases

Sammar M, Hilbert K, Gulbins E Altevogt P

Presented at the 1997 meeting on: Tyrosine phosphorylation & cell signalling May 7-11, 1997. Cold Spring Harbor , New York .

18. Heat stable antigen (mouse CD24) supports myeloid cell binding to endothelial and platelets P-selectin

Sammar M, Aigner S, Huppert M, Hubbe M, Butcher EC, Vestweber D , altevogt P. Immunobiol. V 194, N.15 pp273.

Joint meeting of the Austrian society for allergy and Immunology ( OGAI) and society of Immunoloy(GFI), Vienna September 27-30, 1995

19. Nectadrin (heat Stable Antigen) glycoforms as ligand for P-selectin

Sammar M, Kowitz A, Vestweber D, Schachner M, Altevogt P

Glycoconjugate J. Vol 4 S8.6, pp 267

12th International symposium on Glycoconjugates-August 15-20, 1993 Krakow, Poland.

20. Analysis of Nectadrin (heat Stable antigen), a novel cell adhesion molecule

Sammar M, Kadmon G, Eckert V, Shirrmacher V, Schacher M, Altevogt P

Immnunobiol volume 186, J12, page 137 (1992)  .

Presented at the 23th meeting of the Society of Immunology,

October 28-31,1992 Mainz, Germany

 Conference proceeding

  1. Promoter variant -98A-C of the LGALS13 gene and pre-eclampsia

Bruiners, N., Bosman, M., Postma, A., Gebhardt, S., Rebello, G., Sammar, M., Meiri, H., Hillermann, R. International proceeding: 371-374 ,

Medimond S.r.l, Monduzzi Ed. (2007)

Other Publications

A-   Patents

1-    Methods for Determining Preeclampsia Risk  (PCT, Patent no. 2008/093318 A1) Application number: 11/979,549
Publication number: US 2008/0187929 A1
Filing date: Nov 5, 2007


Inventors: Hamutal Meiri, Marei Sammar and Renate Hillermann.


2-    Novel method for diagnosing pregnancy-related complications (PCT application No. IL2009/000366)

Application number: 12/937,622
Publication number: US 2011/0033865 A1
Filing date: Apr 5, 2009

Inventors: Marei Sammar, Moran Sade and Hamutal Meiri

Academic Appointments

2015- present  Associate Prof. Department of Biotechnology EngineeringORT   Braude College,  Karmiel,  Israel

2010- present  Director of Research Authority, ORT Braude College

2012–  2015 Senior  Lecturer, Department of Biotechnology EngineeringORT   Braude College,  Karmiel,  Israel

2004-2011 Adjunct Lecturer Department of Biotechnology Engineering ORT  Braude College , Karmiel, Israel

2004-2010 Director of  Research & Development (R&D) unit

Diagnostic Technologies Ltd Yokneam -Israel

2001-2003   Research Fellow

Department of  Physiological Chemistry PCII

Biozentrum- University of Wuerzburg, Wuerzburg, Germany

1998-2001 Research Fellow Department of Marine Biology and Biotechnology Israel Oceanographic and Limnological Research, Haifa, Israel

1992-1997 Associated Research Fellow Department of Immunology German Cancer Research Centre DKFZ,Heidelberg, Germany

1994  Visiting scientist Department of Molecular Medicine, University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand

1990 Postdoctoral Research Fellow Department of Biochemistry, Lady Davis Carmel Hospital, Haifa, Israel


Academic and Professional Awards and Grants

1.1992-1993:  Feodor Lynen Minerva Fellowship, DKFZ- Germany

2.2001: Grant from the Israel  Science Foundation-ISF,  Israel (PI)

Research proposal: Retinoids during teleost oogenesis: transport and uptake   into developing oocytes

3.2005-2009: Grant from the  FP6-2004-LIFE SCI. HEALTH-

Research proposal: Development of Early Non-Invasive Markers and Means for the Diagnosis and Progression Monitoring of Preeclampsia and Tailoring Putative Therapies ( Participant).

4. 2008: Finland-Israel R&D fund grant #41256 (EUREKA 3808 RPT)

5.2007: DFG-Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft fellowship  for research visit at the  Free University, Berlin, Germany

6.2011: DKFZ- Deutsches Krebsforschungzentrum fellowship   for research visit at the German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg, Germany

7.2012: “Maof” Fellowship for distinguished Non-Jewish researcher Sponsored by the Higher Education Council

8.2012:Management member of the BMBS COST Action BM1202 : European Network on Microvesicles and Exosomes in Health and Disease (ME-HAD)

9.2013: DKFZ- Deutsches Krebsforschungzentrum fellowship   for  research visit at the German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg, Germany.

10. 2014, The Academy of Medical Sciences. Daniel Turnberg UK/fellowship for research visit at Oxford university, UK.

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