Dr. Marcela Viviana Karpuj

Dr. Marcela Viviana Karpuj

Dr. Marcela Viviana Karpuj

D1 - Room 215
Thursday 15:00– 16:00 (2018)
מחלקה: Biotechnology Engineering
תפקיד נוכחי: Senior Lecturer
Research Interests
  • 1. Neurodegenerative (NDS) and infectious diseases
  • 2. Personalized Medicine
  • 3. Drug delivery (nanoparticles and BBB)
  • 4. The Genetic, environmental and character attributes and their influence on NDS
  • 5. Membrane protein in health and disease
  • 6. Anti-cancer drug screening utilizing a novel loss-of-function technology
  • 1. Biotechnology engineering
  • 2. Scientific writing
  • 3. Molecular Biology (laboratory)
  • 4. Biochemistry I (Course and Laboratory)
  • 5. Advanced genetic engineering (B.Sc)

Refereed Papers

1. Takai, K., Drain, A. P., Lawson, D. A., Littlepage, L. E., Karpuj, M., Kessenbrock, K., Le, A., Inoue, K., Weaver, V. M., Werb, Z. (2018). Discoidin domain receptor 1 (DDR1) ablation promotes tissue fibrosis and hypoxia to induce aggressive basal-like breast cancers.
Genes Dev. 32, 244-257.

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4. Nardone, S., Sams, D.S., Reuveni, E., Getselter, D., Oron, O., Karpuj, M., and Elliott, E. (2014). DNA methylation analysis of the autistic brain reveals multiple dysregulated biological pathways. Translational Psychiatry 4, e433.

5. Ben-Gedalya, T., Lyakhovetsky, R., Yedidia, Y., Bejerano-Sagie, M., Kogan, N.M., Karpuj, M.V., Kaganovich, D., and Cohen, E. (2011). Cyclosporin-A-induced prion protein aggresomes are dynamic quality-control cellular compartments. Journal of Cell Science124, 1891–1902.

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25. Beneficial effect of vitamin D on Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) progression in the Zebrafish model. (2023) Grinberg L, Dabbah Assadi F, Baum G, Zemel R, Tur-Kaspa R, Shochat C, Karasik D, Karpuj V M. Nutrients. 15, 1362 (Invited to submit the manuscript by the editor for a special edition-In press).

26. Palandel V., Raviv D., Karpuj V M., Rainer G., Morgenstern M. (2022) Detection of gene mutations and gene-gene fusions in circulating cell-free DNA of glioblastoma patients – an avenue for clinically relevant diagnostic analysis. Molecular Oncology. 16, 2098-2114.

27.  *Wahbeh H’ Radin d, Yount G, Woodley M A., Sarraf M A, Karpuj M V. (2022)  Genetics of psychic ability – A pilot case-control exome sequencing study. Explore- The Journal of Science and Healing. 18, 264-271.   
Tabouy L., Getselter D., Ziv O., Karpuj M., Tabouy T., Werbner N., Ben-Amram H., Nuriel-Ohayon M., Koren O., Elliott E. (2018) Dysbiosis of microbiome and probiotic treatment in a genetic model of autism spectrum disorders. Brain Behaviour and Immunity. 73, 310-319.

28. Journo, G., Tushinsky, C., Shterngas, A., Eran, Y., Karpuj, M.V., Frenkel-Morgenstern, M., and Shamay, M. (2018) Modulation of Cellular CpG DNA Methylation by Kaposi’s Sarcoma Associated Herpesvirus. Journal of Virology.




Other Publications

  C. Patents
1. Patent Application: US Number 09/719,770; Yeda Reference 9829; “The Involvement of Transglutaminase in Neurodegenerative Diseases”.

2. Pending Patent Application: US Number 20,110,311,533; Marcela Karpuj; “Regulation of Protein Level”.

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