Dr. Nathan Netzer

Dr. Nathan Netzer

Dr. Nathan Netzer

405 Science Park complex
תפקיד נוכחי: Senior Lecturer

Education :

Ph.D 1990, Astrophysical Sciences. Department of Astrophysical Sciences, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ, USA

M.Sc 1977, Physics. Racah Institute of Physics, Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

B.Sc 1972, Physics. Physics department, Technion – Israel institute of Technology, Israel.


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Refereed Papers

  1. Nathan Netzer and G. R. Knapp, 1987. “OH Maser Shell Radii and Mass loss rates for OH/IR stars”, Astrophysical Journal 323, 734—748.
  2. Nathan Netzer, 1989. “The Velocity Gradient in the Circumstellar Envelope of VX-Sagittarii,” Astrophysical Journal 342, 1068—1074
  3. Nathan Netzer and Moshe Elitzur, 1993. “The Dynamics of Stellar Outflows Dominated by Interaction of Dust and Radiation,” Astrophysical Journal 410, 701—713
  4. Nathan Netzer, 1994. “The Gradual Acceleration of the Envelope of VX-Sagittarii: a stellar Evolutionary effect?” Space Science Rev , 66, 225—230
  5. Nathan Netzer, 1995. “Radiation Pressure on Dust in Stellar Outflows.”, Annals of the Israel Physical Society, 11, 94—97
  6. Emil Bashkansky and Nathan Netzer, 2006. “ The Role of Mediation in collisions and Related Analogs”, American Journal of Physics, 74, 1083—1087
  7. Nathan Netzer, 2007. “Dynamics of Stellar Outflows”, Baltic Astronomy, 16, 120—122
  8. Nathan Netzer, 2010 “The Role of Emission lines in Quasi Stellar Objects”, a review paper, in press.
  9. Nathan Netzer, 2012. “Interaction of Gas Dust and Radiation in Stars of Variable Mass Loss Rates”, paper in preparation.

Conference Proceedings and Abstracts

  1. Evolution and Chemistry of Symbiotic Stars, Wierzba, Poland—August 2006. “Dynamics of Stellar Outflows”.
  2. American Association of Physics Teachers, Arlington, Virginia USA—November 2003. “Using Differential Equations in Basic Courses in Physics”

Academic Appointments

2000-Present Ort Braude College, Karmiel, Israel, Senior Lecturer

1991-2000 Ort Braude College, Karmiel, Israel, Lecturer

2004-2009 Oranim, Haifa University, department of Mathematics and Physics. Visiting Lecturer.

2004-2009 Oranim, Haifa University, department of Mathematics and Physics. Visiting Lecturer.

2000  (Fall semester):The University of Rochester, Department of Physics and  Astronomy, Rochester, NY, USA, Visiting Associate Professor.

Teaching Experience

ORT Braude College of Engineering:
Physics 1, (Mechanics). Physics 2 (Electricity and Magnetism)Physics 3 (Waves, Theory of Relativity, elementary Quantum Theory) Thermodynamics
The University of Rochester:
Basic Astronomy
Haifa University:
Introductory Nuclear PhysicsIntroductory astronomyTopics in astrophysics
• Stellar structure and evolution; stellar atmospheres; Physics of the interstellar medium.

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