Dr. Shmuel Gazit

Dr. Shmuel Gazit

Dr. Shmuel Gazit

Department: Mechanical Engineering
Current Position: Senior Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering

Education :

Ph.D.1980, Chemical Engineering, The Institute of Material Science – University of Connecticut, Storrs, Connecticut, USA.

M.Sc.1976, The Interdisciplinary Depatrment of Mechanics, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel

B. Sc.1971, Chemical Engineering, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel



Refereed Papers

Journal Papers:
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Papers in Conference proceedings:

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Other Publications

  1. Ph.D. “Toughening of Epoxy Resins By Acrylic Elastomers”Research conducted under the supervision of Professors James P. Bell, Anthony T. DiBenedetto, Montgomery T. Shaw.
  2. M.Sc. “Hygroelastic Behavior of Glass Reinforced Plastics”Research conducted under the supervision of Professors Z. Rigbi, Ori Ishai

Technical Reports:


  1. Dozens of Nilit internal reports related to the development of materials, composites and processes for yarn manufacturing.

University of Connecticut

  1. S. Gazit, E. Chen, M.T. Shaw, J.P. Price, “Some Visco-elastic Properties of Candidates for Plastic Tow Lines”, a technical Report to Naval Underwater System Center, Newport, Rhode Island, Oct. (1978)


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Patents, issued and pending:

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Academic Appointments

2006-present ORT Braude College, Karmiel, Israel Senior Lecturer, Department of  Mechanical Engineering

2006-2011 ORT Braude College, Karmiel, Israel Department of Mechanical Engineering, Head

2003-2006 ORT Braude College, Karmiel, Israel Adjunct Lecturer, Department of  Mechanical Engineering

1982-1983 Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Connecticut,  Storrs, Connecticut, USA.

1977-1980 Graduate Assistant, Department of Chemical Engineering and Institute of Material Science,  University of Connecticut, Storrs, Connecticut, USA.

1976-1977 Academic Manager, Adult Technician and Continuing Education School, Open University,  District of Galil Mara’avi, Israel

1973-1976 Teaching Assistant, The Interdisciplinary Department of Mechanics, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel.

1974-1977 Lecturer and Faculty Member, Agricultural Technician School, Yad-Nathan, Israel

1972-1973 Research Assistant, Mosad HaTechnion – The Institute for Research and Development.

Teaching Experience

ORT Braude College
  • 2003-present Thermodynamics for Mechanical EngineeringStatics for Mechanical EngineeringStructure and properties of plasticsTopics in Plastic Industry: Technology of industrial yarns (new course)
  • 1998-presentTraining and instruction in plastics and yarn technology to technical staff in Israel and internationally.
University of Connecticut
  • 1977-1978Teaching Assistant, Thermodynamics course, in the Department of Chemical Engineering.
  • 1973-1976Statics for Mechanical Engineering
Agricultural Technician School
  • 1974-1977Statics for Mechanical EngineeringStrength of Materials for Mechanical EngineeringDeveloped the laboratory course for mechanical testing

Professional Activities

R&D Senior Researcher, Nilit

2005-2006 Development of a hydrophilic polyamide yarn, based on reactive plasma technology. A joint project with the plasma group at the Israel Nuclear Research Center, Negev. Development of spun-dye yarns, especially with black-carbon and fluorescent nano-particles.

R&D Manager, Nilit
2003-2005 Development of a yarn that has magnetic properties, through the incorporation of ferromagnetic powders in Nylon 6,6 to render the extruded yarn the potential for being magnetized. Development of a hydrophilic Nylon 6,6 yarn that can be used for making garments with a capability to transport sweat away from the skin, especially as required by athletes. Development of Nylon based side-by-side bi-component yarn with a temperature triggered self-crimping effect.
2002-2003 Development of a Nylon 6,6 yarn that can be selectively dyed by cationic dyestuff with minimal staining effect by anionic dyestuff.Development of Nylon based co-polymers with a shrinkage property in the range of 20-40% when immersed in boiling water at atmospheric pressure.
1997-2000 Development of a process to make dual Nylon 6,6 yarn that can be dyed in a single anionic dye bath and render the yarn a melange effect 1994-1997 Development of shiny yarns by extruding non-circular cross-sections of Nylon 6,6 polymer, with an average diameter of 10-15 micron.
Development Manager, Rogers Corporation
1991-1994 Development of a low Dissipation Factor printed circuit board at microwave frequency for applications in cellular communications.
1987-1991 Development of flexible printed circuit boards and materials with a “low moment of inertia”, especially suitable for high speed and large memory hard discs applications.
1980-1987 Development of epoxy based flexible circuit materials for electronic interconnection applications in recording devices.
Graduate Assistant, University of Connecticut

1978-1980 Evaluation of polymeric materials for use in submerged tow lines for naval applications.

Research Assistant, Technion
1972-1973 Development of processes and formulations to form glass beads.

• Properties and evaluation of polymer and plastic materials
• Manufacturing of polymer/plastic based products
• Polymer and plastic applications

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