Dr. Victor Ostrovski

Dr. Victor Ostrovski

Dr. Victor Ostrovski

מחלקה: Applied Mathematics
תפקיד נוכחי: Senior Lecturer

Education :

Ph.D.1984, physics and mathematics ,Moscow Physico-Technical Institute, Moscow, Soviet Union

M.Sc.1976, theoretical physics, Kishinev State University, Kishinev, Soviet Union


Research Interests
  • 1. mathematical physics
  • 2. non-linear differential equations
  • 3. modern algebra
  • 4. harmonic analysis
  • 1. Senior Teacher


שם הקובץ

Refereed Papers

Author of  more then 20 publications including:

  1. Budnikov  S.S., Ostrovski  V.L., Mathematical  methods  for investigation  of  electronic structure of adducts of  transition metals  deketonates with electrodonor ligands ,1977,6-th All Union conference  on mathematical methods in  coordination chemistry  and  biology, Kishinev, Abstracts.
  2. Budnikov S.S.,Demoglo A.S., Ostrovski V.L., Quantum investigation of  electronic  structure of transition  metal  complexes  with organic  ligands,1978,4-th International conference on computer applications in chemistry and  biology, Novosibirsk, Abstracts.
  3. Budnikov S.S., Demoglo A.S., Ostrovski  V.L., Calculation  by the  MO  LCAO  CNDO   method    of   electronic structure  of  deketonates  of  iron, cobalt  and nickel,1978,13-d All Union conference  on  chemistry  and biology   of complexes, Moscow, Abstracts.
  4. Ostrovski V.L., Rusanov M.M., Nonlinear  evolution  equations of dissipative  structures on  charged surface  of viscous liquid,1989,Magnetic Hydrodynamics,No.4,pp.67-71.
  5. Ostrovski  V.L., Soliton-like  model  of  statistical  fluctuations  on charged  surface of  inviscid  liquid ,1992,Proceedingsof  Russian Academy of  Science ,Mechanics  of  fluids,No.3,pp.117-124.
  6. Ostrovski  V.L., Time  Dependent  Ginzburg-Landau  Equations for Two-Band Superconductor ,2012,Arxiv: 1208.1677.( This research was supported by the Israel Science Foundation, grant No.249/10).
  7. Ostrovski  V.L., Kinetic  Equations for a Dirty Two-Band Superconductor,2013, Arxiv: 1312.7717.( This research was supported by the Israel Science Foundation, grant No.249/10).

Academic Appointments

2000– 2013 Teacher, ORT Braude College, Department of Mathematics

1996 – 2000   Teacher,  Tefen Experimentl  Scool, Tefen, Israel ,Mathematics

1985 – 1993  Senior Staff  Scientist with  option to  Teaching, Kishinev  State  University,  Kishinev , Moldova, Soviet  Union

1976 – 1985  Research  Scientist , Academy of Science of Republic Moldova, Kishinev ,Soviet  Union

Teaching Experience

ORT Braude College of Engineering:

Courses: Calculus 1,Calculus2,   Algebra 1 , Algebra 2,Complex  Analysis , Ordinary  Differential  Equations , Partial  Differential  Equations, Integral  Transforms ,Harmonic  Analysis, Theory  of  Chaos ( new  course), Mechanics  of  Continuos  Media( new  course).

My  lectures  in  the  courses Algebra 1 ,  Advanced  mathematics  B  were  recorded  on  video  cassettes  for  the  Audiovisual  Library  at  Braude  College

Academic and Professional Awards and Grants

2011-2013    Israel Science Foundations, Dynamic Phenomena in Mesoscopic  Superconductors, Investigator, grant No.249/10.

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