Elena Kramer

Elena Kramer

Elena Kramer

מחלקה: Software Engineering
תפקיד נוכחי: Lecturer

Education :

Ph.D.2015 – present, Mathematics and Computer Science, Haifa University

M.Sc.2002 – 2005, Mathematics and Computer Science, Haifa University

B.A.1996 – 1999, Mathematics and Computer Science, Haifa University

Research Interests
  • 1. Bin Packing Type Problems
  • 2. Scheduling
  • 3. Data Structures and Algorithms, in particular Online Algorithms

Conference Proceedings and Abstracts

  1. E. Bashkansky, T. Gadrich, E. Godik . How to Estimate Quality on a Ternary Categorical Scale?  Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Quality and Reliability, Chang Mai, Thailand, November 5-7, 2007.

Academic Appointments

2001 – present  Lecturer, ORT Braude College, Department of Software Engineering
2002 – 2005 TA, Haifa University, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
2001 – 2005 Teacher, Center for Gifted Children, ORT Braude College
2001 – TA, Faculty of Computer Science, Emek-Izrael College

Teaching Experience

Ort Braude Academic College:
Introduction to System Programming
Data Structures
Computational Theory

Professional Activities

ORT Braude College:
2016 – present Member, Scholarships committee, ORT Braude College

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