Workshop on Operator Theory and Applications

26/09/16 - 27/09/16
The Workshop will be held in the frame of the STREVCOM project. The workshop aim is to present recent research on
  • Applications of Operator Theory to interacting particle systems,
  • Spectral theory,
  • Semigroups of Composition Operators,

and to exchange ideas in order to promote discussions and collaborations, especially in the forum of STREVCOM’s participants.

Organizers: M. Elin, A. Gibali, F. Jacobzon.

For further details and registration, please contact until Monday, September 19 by e-mail with:

M. Elin –
F. Jacobzon –

We would like to thank the Galilee Research Center for Applied Mathematics and Mathematics Department of the ORT Braude College for providing logistic and financial support for this meeting.

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