The First Israeli Modelling Week

02/07/17 - 06/07/17
Carleton Hotel, Nahariya, Israel
The First Israeli Modelling Week is organized by The Galilee Research Center for Applied Mathematics of ORT Braude Academic College of Engineering and will take place at the Carleton Hotel, Nahariya, Israel. The aim is to train Ph.D students, postdocs and  young researchers in mathematical modeling and enhance their collaborative and communication skills, in a multinational and multidisciplinary environment. During the week, researchers from around Europe will work together to model and solve problems generated by industry, where the term “industry” may include Engineering, Material Sciences, Aeronautic, Biotechnologies, Optimization of industrial processes, Transport, Services, Medicine and any other activity which has an economic or social value.
We are looking for people who are happy to be active team members during the whole duration of the Modelling Week and the success of the event heavily relies on it. Hence it is assumed that you’ll be present during all the week.

Flyer in pdf can be downloaded here.

Dates: 2-6 July 2017

Location: Carlton Hotel Nahariya, Israel.
Please visit (Location and accommodation) for the hotel’s special prices.

No registration fee, lunches and coffee breaks are included as well as excursion and social event!

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