Prof. Poul G. Hjorth- The delivery problem
This problem is a logistics problem about routes and supply strategies for delivery of medical supplies in a situation where quantities of both fuel and skilled technicians are scarce. Maps, distances, constrains and information will be available to the problem solvers.

Prof. Wojciech Okrasinski- The Carp problem
The problem is an optimization problem related with an improvement of the traditional carp cultivating.

Prof. Shakhar Smorodinsky – Frequency assignment in cellular networks
When assigning frequencies to cellular antennas, on one hand we would like to avoid mutual interference occurring when antennas with close proximity transmit in the same frequency. On the other hand, we would like to minimize the total spectrum of frequency that we use since the spectrum of frequencies is a costly resource. How well can we assign frequencies?

Dr. Joao A Duro- Design of a Printed Circuit Board (PCB)
Electronic system are part of our daily lives, found in items such as: mobile phones, computers, and in many household appliances. Advances in miniaturization lead to the development of smaller electronic components, which signifies that more functionality can be added to a single Printed Circuit Board (PCB). To reduce manufacturing costs it is desirable to connect the pins of electronic components with the least amount of tracks, also known as wires, hence this problem is called wiring
In this problem, the goals are as follows

Determine the position of the components (there sizes are given), such that the total occupied area is minimized

Connect specific (given) pins of these components in such a way that the total amount of tracks is minimised

A model in Kicad will be provided, which will include the electronic schematic with all the components and wiring needed. The placement and wiring will be conducted in the editor of Kicad.

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