Keynote Speakers

Prof. Tsvi Piran

Plenary lecture  at 10:15,  17.10.18


Gravitational waves – a new window on the Universe

Prof. Tsvi Piran, Schwartzman Chair for Theoretical Physics, Racach institute of Physics, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem ; The Head of the I-Core Research Center in Astrophysics, Inter-university center of excellence in Astrophysics.

The research of  Professor Tsvi Piran is in relativistic astrophysics.

The link between astrophysics and fundamental theories: relativity and high-energy physics.

This enables using astronomical observations to explore physics under extreme conditions that cannot be explored otherwise on Earth.

Dr. Ilana Waisman

Plenary lecture  at 12:10,  17.10.18

Can mathematical expertise serve as an indicator of mathematical giftedness? – ERP examination of brain activity

Dr. Ilana Waisman, Haifa University.

Waisman Ilana is a researcher at the Neuro-cognitive laboratory for the investigation of creativity, abilities and giftedness located at the RANGE center,  Faculty of Education University of Haifa.

She is working in the new emerging field of interweaving mathematics education with cognitive neuroscience. Her research projects focus on the investigation of brain functioning associated with the mathematical problem solving as well as on the examination of differences between individuals during this process. To do so she employs EEG methodology.

Dr. Yossi Chalamish

Plenary lecture  at 11:00,  18.10.18

The Brain Plasticity

Dr. Yossi Chalamish, M.D., Brainways

Yossi was trained as a medical doctor at the Technion, having gained a post-doctorate in brain research from the Weizmann institute;

He has been working as a brain researcher and clinical hypnotist for over a decade.

Yossi works passionately to apply the findings of brain research for the improvement of overall wellbeing

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