Industry-Academy Day

Organized by Dr. Aviv Gibali & Dr. Hussein Naseraldin

In what ways can we maximize protein yield based on historical data and analytical relationships in diary manufacturing?

Presented by: Mr. Asher Cohen
Manager of Technology Department in the Engineering and Technology Division, Tnuva

The aim of this event is to bring together academics, mathematicians, industrial engineers, biotechnologists and industrial practitioners to discuss and study a challenging multi-disciplinary problem in the diary production process.

Diary production is challenging, especially in products like the Cottage, where several disciplines kick in and affect the productivity of the line. Raw milk, process technologies, and raw materials used in the process, among others, affect the process of protein yield. Microbiological, chemical, and heat transfer effects, integrated with variance in supply, operation, and logistics all impact the output of the production lines.

For more details, contact the organizers:

Dr. Aviv Gibali, Israel representative at the Mathematics for Industry Network (MI-NET),
Dr. Hussein Naseraldin, Head of M.Sc. Prog. in Industrial Engineering & Management,

No fees for participation but registration is required. Number of places is limited.

This event is co-organized by ORT Braude Academic College of Engineering and The Holon Institute of Technology. Additionally it is sponsored by The COST Action TD1409, Mathematics for Industry Network (MI-NET).

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